UK2 Mirror Service

The UK2 Mirror Service offers mirrored downloads for popular Open Source projects, to help share the bandwidth requirements and provide faster downloads.

Our current mirrors are shown below. If you're part of an open source project who would like a mirror on the well-connected UK2.NET network, drop us a line at

Rsync access is now available to all mirrors hosted here. If you want to sync from our mirrors, feel free to use rsync to do so; we'd appreciate if you would drop us a mail to so we can contact you if we need to make changes to our rsync configuration which could affect you.

The module names published by rsync currently are:

archlinuxArch Linux mirror
CPANComprehensive Perl Archive Network
CPAN-rsyncCPAN instant-update rrr mirroring test Linux kernel archives mirror
sambaSamba mirror
slackwareSlackware Linux mirror
debianDebian Linux mirror
debian-backports Debian Linux backports mirror
debian-security Debian Security mirror
ubuntuUbuntu archive
releasesUbuntu CD releases
hirensbootcdHiren's BootCD ( images
manjaroManjaro Linux
openelecOpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) releases
libreelecLibreELEC releases

Current mirrored sites available here:

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